About Prof. Graham Richards, C.B.E., M.A., D.Phil, D.Sc, C.Chem, FRSC

Advisor, Informatics

  • D.Phil, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Oxford University
Special Interests
  • Computer-aided molecular design
  • Quantum pharmacology

Prof. Graham Richards’s role at Proteorex is to provide insight and expertise into computational biology, and the design of drugs using deep learning.

Prof. Graham Richards is a Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford and the author of 300 scientific articles and 15 books. He is a council member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of The Royal Institution.

Prof, Richards was educated at Birkenhead School where he won a scholarship to Brasenose College, Oxford. He applied computational techniques to solving quantum mechanical problems in theoretical chemistry at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford and became was one of the pioneers in the field of computer-aided molecular design for industry, particularly in pharmaceuticals.

His work has been recognised by awards including the Mullard Award of The Royal Society, Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Prize, the Italgas Prize and the 2004 Award of the American Chemical Society for Computers in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research. He is a council member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and of the Royal Institution.

He was one of the co-founders (with Tony Marchington) of Oxford Molecular Ltd. which was worth £450 million at its peak but which was eventually sold for £70million. He also helped set up Isis Innovation, Oxford’s technology transfer company that has brought around 60 spin-out companies into existence, generating tens of millions of pounds of income for the university.

He instigated a screensaver project which exploited idle time on over three million personal computers in over 200 countries to screen 3.5 billion compounds against protein targets. This led to the formation of the spin-out company Oxford Drug Design (formerly called Inhibox Ltd.). Prof. Richards previously held a number of non-executive directorships including IP Group Plc, and was actively involved in the creation of spinout companies.