About Prof. Marc Adler, PhD

Co-Founder, Director, Technology


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Duke University, USA
  • BSc., Chemistry, University of California (Berkeley), USA

Special Interests

  • Developing new synthetic methods
  • Synthesizing biologically relevant molecules
  • Studying protein folding & PPIs

Marc leads technology development at Proteorex. He brings extensive experience in synthetic organic chemistry, molecular design, and protein-protein interactions, as well as strong leadership, communication, and management skills.

Marc is a faculty member at both Ryerson University (Canada) and Northern Illinois University (USA). In his professorial posts, Marc directs a research group in organic chemistry developing new synthetic methods, synthesizing biologically relevant molecules, and studying protein folding and protein-protein interactions. He also teaches organic chemistry at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Marc obtained his PhD in organic chemistry from Duke University studying organic synthesis with Prof. Steve Baldwin. Marc also has a BSc in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. Upon completion of his PhD, Marc worked as a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Andrew Hamilton in the field of protein-protein interactions and protein assembly at both Yale University and the University of Oxford. Marc’s research has resulted in high impact publications and patents, and he has been the recipient of several awards including an NIH-sponsored fellowship, the C.R. Hauser Fellowship, and recognition as a Mortar Board Outstanding Faculty member for three consecutive years at NIU.