Proteorex Therapeutics is developing small molecule drugs for challenging targets implicated in diseases with the highest unmet need. Many of these targets are well established and validated, but existing drug discovery technologies have failed to deliver viable treatments.


The core of our method is an award-winning proprietary platform technology that enables the identification of novel small molecule lead compounds. Our approach allows us to address – and solve – problems that have plagued the drug discovery community for decades. The resulting drugs are tailored to the target, can be orally administered, and have the potential to replace expensive, often IV-administered biologics.


Beyond the foundation, we incorporate cutting edge computational design and screening techniques as well as evaluating our molecules against patient-derived cell lines, the gold standard for therapeutic development. Our integrated approach towards drug discovery makes the process efficient and productive.

Proteorex is “expanding horizons to find cures”, using our award-winning, next generation proprietary drug design and discovery technology combined with high-powered computing and cutting-edge analytical tools to create a powerful drug discovery engine.

Proteorex Timeline

Proteorex founded

Proteorex founded April 2014


Prof. Graham Richards joined as an Advisor

Acamedic Partner & Chief Scientist

Prof. Robert Batey added as academic partner and Chief Scientist

Patent Filed

Patent application filed for Proteorex’s drug discovery platform technology

Winner of Grant
Notable Labs

Partnership deal with Notable Labs


Presentation (January 2017, JLABS @ Toronto)